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Hey Party People,

It's been a while since I've finished anything on the creative front. I suffer from the whole "have a 9-6 job and am too tired to finish anything" syndrome, and yes, it's been on going for a few years now. Notice, I said "finish anything".. I've started many things--so many things I'm not even sure what I want to finish. Alas. Anyway, on the non-flash side of things, I am very close to finishing a new revision of my old, dilapidated website, one that will hopefully facilitate more creative works once it is out the door by free up a bunch of time.

I did want to mention that I managed to finish one creative piece up over the weekend, a parody/splicing of the Cloverfield trailer titled "Cloverfluff." I chose not to put it on Newgrounds because it was done completely outside of flash, and the file is too large for NG to have any decent video quality, but I still wanted to share it with you guys!
Watch it here for the full experience: Cloverfluff on RG3
Those of you with you with YouTube accounts who feel like commenting/rating, you can watch it here as well: Cloverfluff on YouTube

I'm not even sure who will read this since I haven't made myself known in such a loooong time, but I really have always been here; just more as a viewer than an author as of late :(


Update & Cloverfield Parody

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